Auger Boring

Guided Auger Boring

Auger Boring is often referred to as thrust boring. This is the best solution for installing small diameter pipes in virgin ground, as accuracy is critical.

Some of the benefits of Guided Auger Boring include:

  • Transport and tipping charges for excavated material are reduced
  • Less disruption to pedestrians and traffic/footpaths
  • Disruption to residents is reduced
  • Guided Auger Boring is approved for use under live rail

  • We offer the installation of pipes via Guided Auger Boring up to 1,220mm in diameter.

    Unguided Auger Boring

    Unguided Auger Boring is a much more traditional method of Auger Boring and mostly used on high pressure gas pipelines where line and level is not critical. Unguided Auger Boring is usually driven from a long thrust pit to the reception pit - this technique involves creating a base in a pit to an accurate line and level and setting up the rig inside that base. Contact us for more information.

    We offer the installation of pipes via unguided auger boring up to 1220mm in diameter.