Pipe Bursting

We offer the wide range of pipe bursting techniques through out the UK using Maxi & Mini-bursting. Pipe-bursting systems break out the old pipes while simultaneously drawing in a new polyethylene pipe behind the bursting head. This non-invasive and cost effective solution is ideal for replacing existing ductile iron, clay, pitch fibre, asbestos and cement pipework. 


An economical and quick alternative where pipe upsizing isn't required, or where the upsize is a small increase.

Maxiburst has the following benefits:

Pipe diameters range from 100mm to 750mm in lengths of up to 150 metres

New pipes can take pressures of up to 16 Bar

SDR 11, SDR 17.6 and SDR 26 wall thicknesses can be used


The perfect pipe replacement system for difficult locations.

Miniburst offers these benefits:

Can be operated from existing manholes

Bursts through clayware, pitch fibre, concrete, asbestos cement and other common materials

Pipe diameters of 75mm, 100mm and 150mm in lengths of up to 25 metres

New pipe is either short section or continuously welded in MDPE or HDPE

New pipes have a design life of three or four times that of a repaired pipe

Quiet and discrete

The Miniburst portability and quietness lends itself to pipe replacement in confined areas such as gardens, narrow alleys and some basements. We have successfully used Miniburst for local authorities, housing associations, insurance companies, utilities companies and the residential market.

Lok-it Segmental Pipe

HBT offer also offer miniburst segmental pipe that we manufacture for use with the Miniburst pipe bursting system. The pipe is generally manufactured in 450mm lengths, allowing it to be used in small manholes. Two diameters are available:


Designed for use with the Miniburst hydraulic pipe bursting system, Lok-it is a proprietary jointed pipe. A range of outside diameters from 100mm to 1000mm is available. The pipe can be supplied in any quantity, it is also suitable for other applications including landfill and ducting. The pipe joint is a mechanical joint using a male/female fitting. It also uses an EPDM 'O' ring to seal the joint once together.

The pipe can be cut to any length to suit the application: however in UK standard manholes (nominally 1200mm internal diameter), it is standard practice to use pipe lengths of 450mm for Mini-burst as they fit neatly into the manhole, and are light enough to be manually lifted.